Is Google pushing its Users to Google Plus?

First of all mind it that Google Plus is a social website where people can show and share their ideas. Since when the Google plus is launched there are so many articles, blogs and links have been shared by Google to all the users on Gmail, youtube and simply on Google that there is a new effective way to be social on the internet and i.e. Google Plus. I saw an article on the website of a leading seo services India states that Google had some changes to its privacy policy last year and after that nobody should be surprised to see Google continue to push Google+ on users by repeating this line over and over again: “Google+ is Google.”

seo IndiaEven then many of us think that Google has launched Google Plus in the rivalry of facebook and to beat the Facebook in the social market. But the smart and technical geeks always understand and accept that it’s simply part of the fabric of how Google works. And while you’re at it, start thinking about Google’s various products like Drive, Gmail, YouTube, etc. as features of Google. That’s pretty much what the privacy policy says.

The main role of Google Plus is to fulfill the wish and desire of Google to be everything to everyone online. But this is pretty much the same pattern that many of other companies and seo services company are following as well, which makes Google+ all the more important. It’s your identity as a Google user. Google needs users to have identities that work across its products, because these products are essentially features.


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