Meta Tags are not Dead

There are so many discussion forums and blogs where you can find the people asking that the meta tags are dead or obsolete then I decided to share some personal views of mine gathered through seo services India. Meta tags are not dead as they are utilized by all major search engines and are very much in use and extremely important to search engine ranking. If you need proof of how important meta tags are, try removing your meta tags and watch what happens to your search engine positioning. By this statement of mine you can easily understand that meta tags are typically very useful for better ranking and they really play a better role to understand the search engines and users that what your web page is about.

Testing of meta tags get us down

seo services IndiaSometimes we do not believe in theory and need a practical to understand the fact. Hence, I am sharing an example of practical which is done by our seo expert’s in seo company Delhi. One of our website was ranking at 5th and 6th position in Google for 2 keywords respectively. To test the dead meta tag theory, we changed just one word in the meta description tag and you will not believe that both the keywords fell down at 1th and 20th position respectively in Google search result pages.

The thing which we all of us need to remember is that all major search engines definitely utilize meta tags for a description of the webpage and for indexing within the search results at least at present no one can guarantee that the situation will be the same in future for SEO.


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