How to find Blogs for Commenting in your Niche?

To promote a website on the internet we all know that creating back links can get your website on top positions for targeting key words or phrases. There are a lot of link building techniques which are used for promoting a website to the world. Some of them are social bookmarking, blog posting, blog commenting, article submission, directory submission, profile links, press release submission etc. Any seo company India which has a good rapport and good market value always suggest that among various link building techniques, blog commenting has been evaluated as the most effective step for getting higher ranks in serps. But the point is that sometimes it becomes very tough to find out the blogs in your niche which allow commenting. So here are the tips through which you can get relevant blogs that allow commenting.

seo company IndiaFirst of all you must find out the words or phrases that people use when asking for a solution and run a search. For example, “how to”, “problem”, “how to fix it”, “having an issue”, “tutorial”, etc. And the second step to follow is just co add these phrases and your key phrases for which you are searching blogs. For example, “how to” + “key phrase”, “problem” + “key phrase”, intitle: “how to” “key words” etc. Your success in link building as a seo company Delhi depends on how your idea is different and worthwhile. Try to do something that others don’t think of. Good link building is a combination of research, creativity, experience and knowledge.


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