How to create valuable and money earning website

Are you a web development company and want to earn more by creating and developing numerous websites for your clients which is directly enhances your firm’s value. To be frank, you are unlucky as there are hundreds of web design and development companies who are giving the same services and that too in very low prices. So, why will the people who are looking for a web design company will reach to us and not to your competitors.

Your creative and Innovative web design and development can increase your brand value.

These days most of the people know about the websites designing and development process and hence they are become very choosy in it. That’s why if you do want to sell yourself so that they can hire you for websites creation then you need to apply more creativity and innovative in your website design and development process. People are solely motivated by return on investment, so anyone out there thinking “but my website has so much potential” strike those thoughts from your vocabulary. So, first of all you need to ask yourself that the website you develop for them is worth and if you will be at their place what you would pay for it.

web development company India

web development company India

Remember a valuation is just an estimate of what a likely customer will pay for developing a website from your firm. At the end of the deal the real value of your website you created is what is sitting in your bank account once you’ve closed the deal.


Quality Link Building is the Best way to achieve Top Ranks

We all know that link building is one of the best off page seo technique to give our website a good promotion and also to achieve top ranks in search engine result pages. But the question arises that in the time of huge competition and when Google has been very strict regarding its policies, how can we build them?

Here are some tips to do quality and effective link building:

One of the easiest ways to start building links is to submit your site to leading general web directories and directories in your niche. So, if you running a seo company India you just do not concentrate on creating back links in those directories which accept websites only but also go for some of the best directories represent business partnerships and exist on sites like manufacturers you sell for, local government sites, or your local chamber of commerce.

seo services IndiaThe anchor texts which you are using for creating back links also play a good role. If your anchor texts are descriptive that can be easily understood by users then they will definitely click on them and same is the case with Google. For example, your domain name is and you own a seo India company then you must use the service you provide as anchor text. Another thing is that if you want people to reference something on your site using a specific set of words then make sure those words are in the page title, file name, and in the product name. Creating a product logo helps influence anchor text even more.

If People will follow you then search engines will follow too

All of us want to make our website famous and a brand value in search engine’s eye. If any web design company has a valuable place in search engine result pages and the robots or crawlers visit their website frequently then it is clear that the company is actually getting a good business. But the point is that how can we do make ourselves trust able and valuable in search engine’s eye. The answer is clear that if our visitors trust us and follow us then search engines will also do the same. Yes, search engines only trust us if others trust us too. Search engines follow people.

In a blog of a leading seo services India company, I found that the good news is that you too can follow some of the same signals that search engines follow. A great place to start with link building is to see what your competitors have done, such that you:

  •     know what you are up against
  •     get a rough idea of how much it might cost
  •     can clone some of the easier link building opportunities
  •     can look for strengths of multiple different competitors & pick the best parts from each.

seo company IndiaSo all I can say is create such an attractive and informative website which can grab the attention of your targeting visitors and then very soon you will see that the search engines are promoting you on the web in their own way.

Points to remember in 2013 for SEO

Every Search engine optimizer and internet marketer knows that the year 2011 and 2012 were really very good for some and for some they were the worst because of big G’s panda and penguin updates. In an effort to make the web closer to something semantic and highly responsive to the real needs of human readers and for seo services India, Google has performed some major overhauls to the way it ranks the websites it has indexed by its web crawlers.

Google will be continue with its developing updating process in 2013 too and hence it is necessary for everyone to create a web popularity landscape that depends not just on classical SEO tactics but also numerous other factors involving social media, website design and friendliness to the latest browsing systems such as mobile web viewing.

seo services IndiaHere are some key points which are necessary to remember in this new year:

1-    Humanized ranking metrics: This trend will only continue and whatever black hat optimization tricks that are still working for some sites will only continue to deteriorate in their effectiveness.

2-    Quality over Quantity: Google and other search engines will continue to focus more on ensuring that for every seo company India best ranked content is judged more by its quality, relevancy and freshness.

3-    Mobile Search Feature: The mobile browsing landscape is only continuing to grow and soon it will completely overtake conventional web search. This means that adapting to the technical and practical details of this changing environment is a crucial step for SEO conscious site owners in 2013.

At last, we always do follow all of the SEO tactics to improve the conversion rate for our website and by following above key features we will certainly do.

Some Deep Facts about SEO explained by SEO Experts

Are you having a website for your business? Do you want to improve your business online through your website? If yes, then you must be on top in Google searches for your services or relevant to your services. This is the point where we find a way to do this and our minds divert towards the seo services India. But the fact is the best person to improve your ranking in search engine is you. Unfortunately, that is going to take time and commitment on your part. The answer doesn’t lie in hiring a SEO company to boost your website ranking for Google. The problem starts with the term “search engine optimization” and the misconceptions surrounding it.

What to do while optimizing?

Every SEO services company knows that what is the aim of Google. Their aim is quite simple to connect its searchers with the most relevant content. If you are more worried about a good ranking than providing relevant content, then you are going to be fighting a losing battle.

A professional and experienced SEO company India always has copywriters on board who can write content for you. This content work to attract your perspective users towards the services and products you have shown on your website. Then the role of the content present on your website starts as if it is more informative and impressive then the users came to your website will definitely ask for your service and products.

Essential Google tools shared by seo services India for a Business

If you are an owner of a business and you have your business website to attract your perspective clients towards your business then you are so lucky to have Google. Yes, Google is the most appropriate and favorable source on the net through which you can find a best way to increase the traffic on you business’s website. The leading seo services India explained in an article that Google is mostly known for its search capabilities, but did you know there are many other services offered by Google – tools beyond Google Maps, Gmail and YouTube – and most are free?

1. Google Analyticsseo company Delhi

Through this amazing tool of Google you can analyze the whole traffic on your website. In fact, Google Analytics can track all your traffic, referrals, ads, sales and conversions. It gives you insight into how visitors behave on your website: which page they arrived on, how long they stay, how many pages they view, what search words they use to find you and so much more. To access this tool, you just need to place some simple HTML code into your site and the tracking begins immediately.

2. Google Webmaster

Under this tool you can view all the errors in your website, which are at the server side or the visitor side. There is a very useful option for submitting a sitemap through which Google can easily index all of your pages and links so that your website can become more popular in front of your targeting users.

3. Google Drive

Through this tool any seo services company or any other company can share files and folders with other people including their customers and business associates. It allows for multiple people to work on the same document at the same time. For using this tool, simply connect to the Internet and all your files are accessible from any computer.

Is Google pushing its Users to Google Plus?

First of all mind it that Google Plus is a social website where people can show and share their ideas. Since when the Google plus is launched there are so many articles, blogs and links have been shared by Google to all the users on Gmail, youtube and simply on Google that there is a new effective way to be social on the internet and i.e. Google Plus. I saw an article on the website of a leading seo services India states that Google had some changes to its privacy policy last year and after that nobody should be surprised to see Google continue to push Google+ on users by repeating this line over and over again: “Google+ is Google.”

seo IndiaEven then many of us think that Google has launched Google Plus in the rivalry of facebook and to beat the Facebook in the social market. But the smart and technical geeks always understand and accept that it’s simply part of the fabric of how Google works. And while you’re at it, start thinking about Google’s various products like Drive, Gmail, YouTube, etc. as features of Google. That’s pretty much what the privacy policy says.

The main role of Google Plus is to fulfill the wish and desire of Google to be everything to everyone online. But this is pretty much the same pattern that many of other companies and seo services company are following as well, which makes Google+ all the more important. It’s your identity as a Google user. Google needs users to have identities that work across its products, because these products are essentially features.